Kocsis and Szabo Law Office was founded in Budapest by Dr. Ildiko Kocsis. Six years after obtaining a law degree in 2004, she decided to pursue her legal career in her own private law firm. Dr. Gergely Szabo joined the law office as a partner in 2014.

Dr. Ildiko Kocsis and Dr. Gergely Szabo are committed to the cause of making people familiar with their rights everywhere. They believe that it is important to speak clearly about law at all times. That is why the Kocsis and Szabo Law Office was established where they could institutionalize their own objectives and principles. One of the main goals of the office is that clients should always know and understand what is happening exactly when their legal problems are being dealt with.

Kocsis and Szabo Law Office aims to create a relationship in which real cooperation can develop between lawyer and client, and in which they can fully represent their clients’ legal interests.

Based on many positive customer reviews the office is highly efficient, accurate and quick, and by doing so it contributes to the daily functioning of its clients. Its customers find a reliable partner in the office staff.

Where do you find the Kocsis and Szabo Law Office?

Kocsis and Szabo Law Office is located in the city center, near Corvin Quarter, in Ferenc Boulevard.

Arrive either by car or by public transportation, the new office can be quickly and conveniently reached. Parking is quick and easy in the surrounding streets or in the parking lot of the Corvin Shopping Centre.

In case you prefer public transport, Kocsis and Szabo Law Office can be found at the intersection of Ulloi Road and Ferenc Boulevard, so by taking (blue) metro 3, or tram 4 or 6 is a quick and easy way to get here.

Address: 1094 Budapest, Ferenc Boulevard 39 IV / 1

Call the office at the number 1/266-6621 or 30/692-9392.
Send a message to info(at)kocsis-iroda.hu!